1) How old do you need to be for the Highway Experience?

A: 21, with a valid ID.


2) How long is the Highnoon Tour?

A: 3-4 Hours.


3) Is marijuana provided?

A: No, but you can legally purchase up to 1 oz of flower or 1/8th concentrate.


4) Can I bring my own marijuana/alcohol on the tour?

A: Yes!


5) Do you have a Refund Policy?

A: Yes, Cancel 31 days or more and receive full refund.


6) Do you offer Discounts?

A: Yes, for military, locals and seniors.


7) Are cigarettes allowed?

A: No tobacco products are allowed.


8) Will there be bongs/pipes on the bus?

A: Yes!


9) Can I smoke marijuana in public?

A: No but you can on the Highway Tour.




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